Without You Mom

by Michael John Badebadz on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 at 22:47

Without you Mom,
Who will cheer me up,
and subside the pain?
Who will encourage me,
to firmly stand again?

Without you Mom,
Who will remind me,
to perform what's right?
Who will give me a support
on my most difficult fight?

Without you Mom,
Whom can I lean on,
on life's crucial situation?
Whom can I rely on,
making me feel not alone?

Without you Mom,
Who will share with me,
the words of Divine Creator?
Who will make me realize,
what Christians are for?

Without you Mom,
I can never imagine,
how life can be genuine.
I can never experience,
great things in my existence.

Michael John Badebadz

Without You Mom