Unceasing Chaos

by Michael Badebadz on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 at 21:29

My heart speaks a word,
Yet the brain does ignore,
Trying to show he's superior
and below is steadily inferior.

My brain totally dominates,
where heart can't emanate,
From the brain's authority,
heading to heart's incapacity.

Both of them can't complement,
or even have an agreement.
It's certainly unavoidable,
but sometimes intolerable.

Their views evermore deviate,
which made to associate
To the different sides of life,
making decisions with strife.

Which should I listen to?
Where I must safely go?
Would I just toss a coin,
to weigh things to follow?

What if I have a heart,
that has a mind of its own?
Will I not be bothered,
by their chaos anymore?

Michael John Badebadz

Unceasing Chaos