Priceless Treasures

by Michael Badebadz onThursday, 23 December 2010 at 05:53

You're probably cogitating,
How to grasp everything in this world,
by having power, money
and be wealthy among others.

Yet that anticipation of yours,
Misleads the way of reality.
It destroys all your senses,
by its blinding brilliance.

Treasures in life are everywhere,
They are not hardly found.
Just search deep inside,
of your heart, soul and mind.

Many people we may encounter,
Living in various places,
with different voices,
and having unique ways,
to express their unenunciated feelings.

But they are angels in disguise,
surely priceless treasures of heaven,
who willingly share meaning to our lives.
Through lifting our feet to stand,
and giving strength to try.

Even though,
You haven't seen them for a long time,
Haven't known them personally,
Or haven't met them at all.
Still, those people will occupy a space,
and stay next to your heart.

For no one can ever eradicate,
No one can ever diminish,
No wealth can buy this friendship,
Simply because it's priceless.

Michael John Badebadz

Priceless Treasures