Timeless Moments

by Michael Badebadz on Sunday, 30 January 2011 at 02:39

After the undivided day of work,
I found time removing the cork.
Drinking a small glass of wine,
Letting my whole body,
feel refreshed and fine.

I opened next the faucet,
until the water came out
filling the entire bathtub.
I took everything off,
and soaked myself in.

The water softly soothed down,
in the deepest part of my bones.
It moistened the stress away,
calmed down the burning heat,
giving me peace and serenity.

She then entered with no words,
seeing my defenseless body,
covered with tiny bubbles.
She quickly shredded her clothes,
and joined me in my relaxing session.

I braced her angelic face,
with kisses so rough,
thinking every moment wasn't tough.
I ravished upon her buttocks,
and lustfully pressed her breasts.

Her nails went down,
from my chest to my balls
and scratching it so badly.
Her finger slid around
my swollen shaft,
while grappling it so hardly.

She wanted me to thrust her.
So, I did it faster and harder,
until I reached the climax,
exploding inside her.

We laid down in the
after glow of lewdness,
Locked in fond embrace,
for moments that were timeless.

Michael John Badebadz

Lost In Fallacy