Different Kinds Of Teachers

by Michael Badebadz on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 00:24

Teachers are like candles,
that loose none of its light
by lighting another candle.
Some are like compass,
which leads the right
direction of one's journey.

Teachers are like erasers,
that correct various mistakes,
being committed along the way.
Some are like stones,
too hard to be easily placed
inside the pocket.

Teachers are like books,
such a powerful tool invented
by humans to feed our minds.
Some are like pens,
that leave extraordinary marks,
especially when spilled.

Teachers are like doors,
which open many opportunities
to improve oneself.
Some are like shoes,
that fit their feet
to someone's special needs.

Teachers are like photographs,
which can be a best memorabilia,
you're gonna treasure the most.
Some are like cameras,
that never fail to capture,
either ordinary happenings
or special moments of life.

Teachers are like phones,
that can promote transparency
for a better world of communication.
Some are like television programs,
which disseminate information
for essential learning.

can be compared to anything,
the ones who really try their best,
letting us perform good in everything,
and making us something
out of nothing.

Michael John Badebadz

different kinds of teachers