untitled (open for suggestions)

by Michael John Badebadz on Sunday, 21 August 2011 at 10:25

If I have to visit the past,
I will be reluctant enough,
For I lack the courage to reminisce,
The yesterday's memories.

Those moments that I regret,
And I am aching to forget.
Those which brought you annoyance,
Caused by my mind's ignorance.

But I can't undo what happened,
I don't know if wounds be healed.
It sounds really impossible
Yet I'm willing to see what's invisible.

If I have to journey in the future
I will still be so unsure,
For I may not have the assurance
Of having you in any chance.

Present is all I have to live,
Just the only time I must believe.
I hope you find time to forgive,
Making our anxieties be relieved.

We can make this friendship last,
Today is what we must grasp.
Let's find the inner peace,
Avoiding to live life so hopeless.

Michael John Badebadz