Massive Revelation

by Michael Badebadz on Friday, 29 October 2010 at 02:05

Earth's disastrous events
seem to crawl upon us.
Deadly happenings spread
across our atlas.

Waves rose and fell
on the innocent land.
Like the mild breath
of a sleeping giant.

Earthquake shook many dreams,
and buried it under the ground.
It gave us no mercies,
only screams and tears.

Children testified mournful incidents.
No man was saved from killing.
No woman was refrained from hurting.
Most of them wasn't spared.

Many lives were put on a test.
Many lives were lost.
Many lives were suddenly diminished.
Many lives forever changed.

But have you ever wondered,
why such things occured?
This wasn't a simple consequence,
that you could even just ignore.

It's injecting us something in our awareness.
How God unfolds the truth behind it.
Just take time reading His Holy Bible.
For it has some massive revelation.

Michael John Badebadz


Massive revelation