Queen Of Seduction

by Michael Badebadz on on Monday, 28 February 2011 at 20:56

I entered the world
of ceaseless fantasy,
As you solely shared
the night with me.

Your scent awakened
the undying romance,
Letting my fingers
show its slow dance.

You gladly allowed me
tasting luscious lips,
Drowning myself
by your sensual kiss.

But you're not looking
at my eyes straightly,
Yet you never failed
to keep seducing me.

You forcibly wanted me
to immerse my being,
To the rapturous waves
of pleasures and sins.

I then came into
an abysmal realization,
No other way to escape
in this trap of delusion.

The terrifying beauty
of someone next to me,
was owned by a cunning
Queen of seduction.

Michael John Badebadz

Queen Of Seduction