Proud To Be A Filipino

by Michael Badebadz on Wednesday, 15 December 2010 at 07:16

Always perceptible,
Filipinos are unstoppable.
Challenges in life may occur,
But they'll resiliently face it all.
Giving the best they can.
For they're fighters,
not simply quitters.

Whatever things they do,
Wherever places they go,
They will stand out.
Lifting Filipino spirits high.
Cheering with one voice,
Sharing solitary hope,
Achieving one goal,
just to make their nation proud.

They are trustworthy people.
Honest and reliable friends,
who'll never leave you
nor forsake you.
They'll stand right by your side,
Holding tightly your hands,
and won't let you down.

Others may discriminate them.
Still, they will never do the same.
They'll just humanely fight
for their rights withouts hesitations.
And never blame someone.

With all these realizations,
It feels so reanimating
to be one of them.
My heart is filled
with overflowing joy,
As it shouts,
"I'm proud to be a Filipino."

Michael John Badebadz


Proud To Be A Filipino