Pay Attention

by Michael Badebadz on Saturday, 19 March 2011 at 23:03

Life isn't a bed of roses.
It is not always auspicious,
as we usually conceive it.
Abominable situations occur
to interfere amicable existence,
Ruining our peaceful lives.

I am uniquely imperfect
and I won't be reluctant,
in admitting that fact.
I'm too immature to be blamed,
still young for this game
and excruciating battle.

Dad, I may not be intelligent,
the way you wanted me to be.
I may not be an ideal son,
every parent will wish for.
But can you please pay
attention to what I say?

No more exchanging
of repulsive words,
No excessive anger
to offend each other.
Yet why shouldn't you
be considerate first
to mere ideas of mine?
I do hope and pray now,
that everything will be fine.

Michael John Badebadz