You Will Never Be Alone

by Michael Badebadz on Sunday, 16 January 2011 at 04:43

When the world spins,
You maybe either placed on top,
or situated on a lowest rank.
When the sea roars like a storm,
You maybe either basked on the sunlight,
or shattered on the rocks.

When the wind declares war,
You maybe either lead into melancholy,
or seen a new meaning of life with somebody.
When the land cracks into two,
You maybe either shaken and have faults,
or stood out with a brave heart.

Life isn't always as we see it.
But never leave the battle for nothing.
Instead, continue fighting and surviving.
Everyone's here on this earth,
not just by mere chances,
but by significant reasons to live on.

And you'll be able to see,
the shimmering light,
the glimmering hope,
at every end of your endeavor.
Remember you will never be alone,
For there's someone above,
whom you can always hold on.

Michael John Badebadz

You Will Never Be Alone