Important Queries In Life

by Michael Badebadz on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 at 07:40

Who am I?
Am I still a sinner,
who haven't envisioned
salvation in my life?
Or I'm now a child of God,
walking in His light,
righteousness and might?

What are my choices?
my existence's priorities?
Must I consider first,
the fleeting pleasure of sin?
Rather than of seeking
God's holy dwelling place,
kingdom and His glory?

How should I live?
Should I involve myself,
in various world's activities
which comprise my integrity?
Or living in God's likeness,
following Him in the path
of truth and His love?

How can I be safe?
Do I have any assurance,
for my own security?
Will I be risking my life,
in acts of temptation?
Or will I be placing it,
in God's marvelous hands?

Michael John Badebadz