Great Pretender

by Michael Badebadz on Tuesday, 31 May 2011 at 22:41

Laughter can't camouflague,
a despondent heart.
It assures not to decline,
the pains you try to hide.

Happiness is just brief,
here comes the grief,
Trying to entirely occupy,
endangering your life.

But what about the clowns?
Why can't we see their frowns?
They wear all out smiles,
although these taste like bile.

Is it a talent rarely found?
Too weird the way it sounds.
You judge them as Morons,
for they deal pretensions.

You might be also dubious,
If they're courageous.
Oh, it's just a way to escape,
Such a remorseless world
which is severe to take.

Why not attempt for pause?
Grasping what's conspicuous,
Aren't you one of them?
Or will you keep on denying?

Michael John Bade