Forgiveness Is Earned

by Michael Badebadz on Sunday, 24 October 2010 at 03:49

I know it's my fault,
But it wasn't really my intention,
I felt so bad for doing things,
Which made you upset and mad.

You're my special friend,
Totally one of a kind,
I could look forever
And never find anyone else
As wonderful as you,
With such a peculiarly talented mind.

I tried my best to explain,
Admitting how inappropriate,
How insignificant I was,
But still here I am,
Longing for your response.

"Is forgiveness hard to give?
Is it realistic to forgive me easily?"
I asked these straightly to myself.
Hoping to find the answers for it.

But the sun of hope found,
Its way to shine upon me.
When you recognized and acknowledge,
The sincerity and honesty of my words.

I'm so thankful and blessed,
That after all I've done,
You freely offered your forgiveness.
And didn't remove me,
In your list of friends.

The important lesson I learned,
From this experience I had,
Was that forgiveness isn't just imposed,
Rather it's something that is earned.

Michael John Badebadz


Forgiveness Is Earned