Eyes Of The Heart

by Michael Badebadz on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 at 06:02

Eyes have been blinded,
by the desires of heart.
Cravings for money and power
in insidious world of ours,
Swallowed the vulnerable soul
and decomposed it inside.

Universe conspicuously conspired
to bring the ravages of war.
Wounding many dreams, lives
and humane existence of minds.
Now, take a closer look to the eyes,
as the the tears of concealment
Are gradually running down,
to the faces of innocent people.

Many lives have been thrown
as trashes and poisons to land.
Where's the genuine love now?
Why peace can be hardly seen
by the two windows of soul,
which are at the same time,
Hungry for justice to prevail
and thirsty for peace to reign?

Lord, let your magnanimity,
Open the eyes of the heart,
overcoming the call of treachery.
Let thy holy spirit free
the being of unintelligible soul,
Surpassing the temptation
of erroneous acts of world.

Michael John Badebadz

Eyes Of The Heart