He Is My Everything

by Michael Badebadz on Thursday, 11 November 2010 at 01:25

I will no longer fear life,
For Jesus will be there to guide me.
I will never be stumbled in the dark,
For He will be there to shine upon me.

He is my key,
that can open the gates of forgiveness.
He is my way,
that leads me in a right direction.

He is my rock,
that can never be shaken by any circumstances.
He is my foundation,
that lets me stand firmly.

He is my hope,
that gives me a strong feeling along the way.
He is my light,
that dispels thoughts of darkness and doom.

He is my strength,
that soothes my heartaches and sorrows.
He is my life,
that guarantees me enough according to His plans.

He is my potter,
that molds me to be whole again.
He is my friend,
that extends a helping hand when no one wants to care.

He is my mother,
that knows what's really best for me.
He is my father,
that listens in every word I say.

He is my provider,
that fills my needs for today and tomorrow.
He is my Saviour,
that offers salvation in me without hesitation.

That's why,
I will be endlessly grateful in Him,
I will be forever appreciative,
For the great things He has done for me,
and for being so merciful and gracious in me.
Jesus is absolutely my everything.

Michael John Badebadz

He Is My Everything