Voice Of Choice

by Michael Badebadz on Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 05:44

Listen in the voice inside you,
don't mind the others',
Just hear only yours,
this guides you the real path.

Life is full of choices,
make sure to pick the right one.
Everything is changing,
but the word change remains still the same.

People may discourage,
mock and even laugh at you,
They'll give reasons to mislead you
and make yougive up at the end.

But never mind them,
continue doing your own.
Don't take to heart their views,
they have nothing to contribute at all.

There's only one voice,
you should be attentive to.
And that's the voice inside you,
saying, "Believe in yourself,
You can do something,
Keep dreaming, fighting and praying,
Great rewards are heading your way."

Michael John Badebadz

Voice Of Choice