A Star On Earth

by Michael John Badebadz on Thursday, 22 December 2011 at 22:31

You assess him by what you only see,
But have you seen the child's totality?
Behind disabilities to be told,      
There's a peculiarity to unfold.

Refrain using words of degradation,
Let richness of his imagination,
Invent him to become more valuable,
Not making him think he's incapable.

You do not know what he is going through,
Unless you fit your foot into his shoe,
Lead him to be a product of his choice,
Allowing everyone could hear his voice.

Remember, "A tiny seed has chances
Of growing into a tree of success."
Cease plotting he'll be just a rootless one,
Lift him up instead of pulling him down.

Stop easily collecting golds from stones,
Getting allured by the brilliance alone,
Consider him like sparkling star on Earth,

Notice how great things would ignite beneath

Michael John Badebadz

A Star On Earth