BadzMichael Badebadz

"The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong."

Every individual has its own characteristics to be proud of! If someone's gonna ask me to describe myself, well. . . .

1. Most of the time, i cannot simply stop talking! No one can't help noticing it! hehe (but i only choose people whom i wanna talk with! apparently, i don't talk to strangers! haha)

2. I am not frivolous (sometimes, I am! lol) I'm just doing things as long as I can! Why should i be trying hard?

3. I can be a good friend and an excellent enemy to those who deserve it! (now it's for you to decide if you wanna be my friend or enemy! choose only one! haha)

4. I am not perfect as what everybody would think! and that's the primary reason why a pencil is created with an eraser! (does this pencil have something to do with who i am? haha)

5. I always act as "kengkoy" (a joker) because i want people sorrounding me to laugh or even smile! That would mean so much to me! (so emo? haha)

6. I tend to be serious especially when things went wrong and if I were facing things beyond my capacity! (help! can anybody help me? lol)

7. In every journey I'm glad that there's one GOD above that helps me all the way, for me to survive. Thanks God! :)